McKay School of Dancing - Notices

Notices and Announcements

This page will carry notices and announcements mainly for McKay School of Dancing students and their parents or guardians. If you have any announcements or whatever for other members feel free to email them in and we''ll post them here if appropriate (and not too rude).

Check back here often to stay up to date on any late breaking news.



We now have a full range of merchandise with the McKay School logo.  Photos and order forms will be posted soon, for more info speak to Eilidh Green or email Eilidh at


If you have any constructive suggestions for improvements to this site feel free to email me your ideas and I’ll consider them.

Development Pages

Occasionally you may see a link to a page on the site called "Development" or something similar. These are used temporarily by me when developing new features for the site. They are often password protected because they’re not for general viewing yet and they don’t contain anything of general interest.